This is not a typo, it is the future of internet marketing. For the sake of clarity, by default if you are a real estate professional, you are an internet marketer.  That means that there is much to learn from traditional e-commerce best practices. With that said, even though the real estate transaction does not culiminate online, it does originate online.  You already know the statitistics of the massive migration of real estate consumers to the internet. The web is statistically the initial point of engagement and today that means the social web and on the social web that means Facebook.

Internet marketers now we need to make a distinction between the traditional online consumer and the social consumer. This article offers some very valuable case studies on what some of the most successful brands have done to create unique touch points.  Real estate professionals can learn much from the strategies presented here on how custom Facebook pages and tabs can be used to unlock engagement opportunities to appeal to social consumers. Thanks to Brian Solis for this business guide to Facebook, worth read Click Here

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